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BnIR: Zhiquan Yang, Shengbo Wang, Lulu Wei, Yiming Huang, Dongxu Liu, Yupeng Jia, Chengfang Luo, Yuchen Lin, Congyuan Liang, Yue Hu, Cheng Dai, Liang Guo, Yongming Zhou, Qing-Yong Yang. (2023) BnIR: a multi-omics database with various tools for Brassica napus research and breeding, Molecular Plant 16(4):775-789.

BnTIR: Liu D., Yu, L., Wei, L., Yu, P., Wang, J., Zhao, H., Zhang, Y., Zhang, S., Yang, Z., Chen, G., et al. (2021) BnTIR: an online transcriptome platform for exploring RNA-seq libraries for oil crop Brassica napus, Plant Biotechnol. J. 19:1895-1897.

Basic introduction

This research was supported by the National Key Research and Development Plan of China (2017YFE0104800, 2016YFD0101000) and the 111 Project (B20051).

Brassica napus (B. napus, AACC, 2n=38) is one of the most important global oil crops. But, the fundamental research of B. napus is relatively backward , in particuluar genes that regulating various agronomic traits have not been clearly understood, severely limiting breeding process.

Expression database can facilitate the identification of gene functions,which is greatly needed in rapeseed. Here we present a highly comprehensive temporal-resolution study of developmental transcriptomes by using data from eight different tissues covering ZS11 ( Zhong shuang 11 ) 3 distinct developmental stages during its life cycle, including cotyledon,root,stem peel,leaf,bud,flower,silique,silique wall and seed. Especially ,there exist 26 and 23 time points in seed and silique wall respectively and 24 leaf developmental time points , with 2 day intervals. Based on analysis of these transcriptome data , we develop BnTIR ( , and provide function modules like eFP, JBrower, Blast , co-expression,Gene Index conversion and other features. Besides, in our data page some extensive linkouts can be clicked to other B. napus resources.

Data statistics

Tissue Tissue*Period*Replicate Samples Reads Number(PE150) Size(Gb) Mapping Rate(%)
Root 1*1*3 3 166,219,831 10.02 97.40
Stem 3*1*3 9 198,762,729 27.07 97.20
Leaf 25*1*3 75 1,795,494,517 209.15 96.54
Bud 2*1*3 6 138,707,310 18.82 97.64
Flower 4*1*3 12 271,737,703 36.09 95.38
Silique 1*6*3 18 391,686,484 55.08 96.60
Silique wall 1*24*3 72 1594,384,031 217.44 95.06
Seed 1*26*3 78 1714,799,551 231.14 96.60


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