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e.g. FT, AT1G65480, BnaA02G0156900ZS
e.g. A01:150000..230000
e.g. example_1 or example_2
Expression values(TPM) of submitted genes
Gene ID root cotyledon_0h vegetative_rosette lower_stem_peel middle_stem_peel upper_stem_peel leaf_1 leaf_2 leaf_3 leaf_4 leaf_5 leaf_6 leaf_7 leaf_8 leaf_9 leaf_10 leaf_11 leaf_12 leaf_13 leaf_14 leaf_15 leaf_16 leaf_17 leaf_18 leaf_19 leaf_20 leaf_21 leaf_22 leaf_23 bud_2mm bud_4mm sepal petal filament pollen silique_2DAF silique_4DAF silique_6DAF silique_8DAF silique_10DAF silique_12DAF silique_wall_14DAF silique_wall_16DAF silique_wall_18DAF silique_wall_20DAF silique_wall_22DAF silique_wall_24DAF silique_wall_26DAF silique_wall_28DAF silique_wall_30DAF silique_wall_32DAF silique_wall_34DAF silique_wall_36DAF silique_wall_38DAF silique_wall_40DAF silique_wall_42DAF silique_wall_44DAF silique_wall_46DAF silique_wall_48DAF silique_wall_50DAF silique_wall_52DAF silique_wall_54DAF silique_wall_56DAF silique_wall_58DAF silique_wall_60DAF seed_14DAF seed_16DAF seed_18DAF seed_20DAF seed_22DAF seed_24DAF seed_26DAF seed_28DAF seed_30DAF seed_32DAF seed_34DAF seed_36DAF seed_38DAF seed_40DAF seed_42DAF seed_44DAF seed_46DAF seed_480DAF seed_50DAF seed_52DAF seed_54DAF seed_56DAF seed_58DAF seed_60DAF seed_62DAF seed_64DAF

According to the genes you input, we calculated their total expression levels and presented them in eFP browser.

Expression level(TPM) on
ZS11 Gene ID TPM Darmor Gene ID AtGI At Name Genomic position Function Description
Expression level(TPM) relative to other genes