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About epigenetics

For epigenetic data, we collected the ChIP-seq and WGBS datasets for five tissues of six accessions including six histone modifications, ATAC-seq datasets for seeds of 4 accessions and Hi-C datasets of three accessions. After filtering and processing, a total of 5,041,596 peaks of ChIP-seq and 683,131 peaks of ATAC-seq were obtained, which were integrated into the Histone modification and Chromatin accessibility modules, respectively.Based on the WGBS datasets, the CG, CHG and CHH methylation levels of genes were obtained and integrated into the DNA methylation module. Based on the Hi-C datasets, chromatin interaction frequency and compartments were calculated and integrated into the Chromatin interaction module. Besides, users can browse the tracks of all epigenetic data of the gene segment of interest using the Jbrowser browser or query these epigenetic datasets in the corresponding module of Epigenetic portal. These datasets integrated the epigenetic information involving histone modification, epigenomic state, chromatin accessibility and interaction, providing the first systematic epigenetic data resource in B. napus to help identify regulatory elements in B. napus genome and understand their regulatory mechanism.

Tutorials for each sub-module

  • Histone modification
  • DNA methylation
  • Chromatin accessibility
  • Chromatin interaction